sábado, 19 de setembro de 2009

Álbuns que procuro:

Quem puder me ajudar, fico muito grato, e posso retribuir com os álbums do post logo abaixo.

Barbara Weathers - Seeing For The Very First Time(1995)
Beau Williams - Higher(1990)
Beau Williams - Power(1994)
Bernard Wright - Fresh Hymns(1990)
Bernard Wright - Fresh Hymns II(1992)
Bernard Wright - I Can Tell(????)
Billy Griffin - Billy Griffin 2001(2001)
Bootsy Collins - Save What's Mine For Me(1991)
Carl Douglas - Love Peace And Happiness(1976)
Carl Douglas - Keep Pleasing Me(1978)
Charlie Singleton - Party's In America(1981)
Charlie Singleton - Modern Man(1985)
Charlie Singleton - Man On A Mission(1989)
Chaz Jankel - Too Dirty(1982)
Chuck Brown - We Need Some Money(1984)
Chuck Brown - Any Other Way To Go?(1987)
Chuck Brown - 90's Goin' Hard(1991)
Chuck Brown - This Is A Journey Into Time(live)(1993)
Chuck Brown - Hah Man(1995)
Chuck Brown - Go Go Swing Live(1995)
Chuck Brown - Live Pa Tape(1997)
Chuck Brown - Trust Me: Live Pa Tape, Vol.2(1997)
Chuck Brown - Wind Me Up Chuck, Vol.3(Live)(1997)
Chuck Brown - Timeless(1998)
Chuck Brown - Unadorned(1998)
Chuck Brown - Breathe(2000)
Chuck Brown - Your Game:Live At The 9:30 Club Washington(2001)
Colonel Abrams - Victim Of Loving You(1995)
Dazz Band - Under The Streetlights(1996)
Dazz Band - Time Traveller(2001)
Dr.Madame C.C. & Aseelah feat.The FNG - Keepin' The Music Real!(2002)
Eddie Murphy - Eddie Murphy(1982)
Eddie Murphy - So Happy(1989)
Enchantment - Journey To The Land Of...Enchantment(1978)
Experience Unlimited - Experience Unlimited(1977)
E.U. - 2 Places At The Same Time(1986)
E.U. - Future Funk(1986)
E.U. - Go Ju Ju Go(1988)
E.U. - Cold Kickin' It(1990)
E.U. - Make Money(1996)
Evelyn 'Champagne' King - I'll Keep A Light On(1995)
Evelyn 'Champagne' King - Let's Get Funky(1997)
Fatback Band - Live(1987)
Force M.D.s - Moments In Time(1994)
Force M.D.s - The Reunion(2000)
Freddie Jackson - Private Party(1995)
Gap Band - Momma's Boys(1974)
Gap Band - Humpin'(1994)
Gap Band - Love At Your Fingatips(2001)
George Howard - Dancing In The Sun(1985)
George Howard - Home Far Away(1994)
George Howard - Midnight Mood(1998)
Gerald Alston - Sings Sam Cooke(2008)
Giorge Pettus - Lyros(2000)
Gwen Guthrie - Can't Love You Tonight(1989)
Gwen McCrae - Gwen McCrae(1974)
Gwen McCrae - Soul From Miami USA(1975)
Gwen McCrae - Psychic Hotline(1996)
Gwen McCrae - Girlfriend's Boyfriend(1998)
Gwen McCrae - Still Rockin'(1999)
Gwen McCrae - I'm Not Worried(2004)
Gwen McCrae - Live In Paris At New Morning(2006)
Imagination - New Dimension(1984)
J.Blackfoot - U-Turn(1987)
J.Blackfoot - Loveaholic(1991)
J.Blackfoot - Room Service(1993)
J.Blackfoot - Platinum Blue Christmas(1995)
J.Blackfoot - Stealing Love(1997)*
Jimmy Castor Bunch - Dimension III(1973)
Jimmy Castor Bunch - Everything Man(1974)
Jimmy Castor Bunch - Super Sound(1975)
Jimmy Castor Bunch - Jimmy Castor Bunch(1979)
Jimmy Castor Bunch - 'C'(1980)
Jimmy Castor Bunch - E-Man Boogie '82(1982)
Jimmy Castor Bunch - The Return Of Leroy(1983)
Jimmy Castor Bunch - Don't Waste The Time(1984)
Jody Watley - Midnight Lounge(2002)
Junior - Stand Strong(1990)
Junior - Renewal(1992)
Junior - Works(1998)
Kashif - Music From My Mind(2003)
Klymaxx - Taste Of Bitter Love(1980)
Klymaxx - Girls In The Band(1983)
Klymaxx - One Day(1994)
Klymaxx - Live At Pacific L.A.(2003)
Leon Haywood - The Mellow Mellow Leon Haywood(1967)
Leon Haywood - It's Got To Be Mellow(1967)
Leon Haywood - Double My Pleasure(1978)
Leon Haywood - Then & Now(1994)
Leon Haywood - Freaky Man 94(1994)
Leon Haywood - The Legacy(1996)
L.J.Reynolds - L.J.Reynolds(1991)
L.J.Reynolds - Love Is About To Start(1999)
Loleatta Holloway - Loleatta(1973)
Loleatta Holloway - Loleatta Holloway(1979)
Mai Tai - 1 Touch 2 Much(1986)
Mai Tai - Cool Is The Rule(1988)
Manhattans - With These Hands(1970)
Manhattans - A Million To One(1972)
Manhattans - Summertime In The City(1974)
Manhattans - There's No Good In Goodbye(1978)
Manhattans - Follow Your Heart(1980)
Manhattans - Even Now(1996)
Manhattans - Reachin' For The Sky(2007)
Marvin Sease - It's Christmas Time(1990)
Marvin Sease - The Housekeeper(1993)
Marvin Sease - Do You Need A Licker?(1994)
Marvin Sease - Please Take Me(1996)
Marvin Sease - The Bitch Git It All(1997)
Marvin Sease - Hoochie Momma(1999)
Marvin Sease - I Got Beat Out(2002)
Marvin Sease - Playa Haters(2004)
Marvin Sease - Live With The Candy Licker(2005)
Michael Cooper - Get Closer(1992)
Nona Hendryx - Nona Hendryx(1977)
Nona Hendryx - Skin Diver(1989)
Nona Hendryx - You Have To Cry Sometime(1992)
Nu Shooz - Can't Turn It Off(1982)
Oliver Cheatham - Oliver(1980)
One Way - Turn Up The Music(1987)
Oran 'Juice' Jones - Players Call(1997)
Osiris - The Band(1980)
Patrice Rushen - Let There Be Funk(1980)
Patrice Rushen - Breaking All The Rules(1986)
Patrice Rushen - The Meeting(1990)
Paul Hardcastle - No Winners(1988)
Phyllis Hyman - Loving You, Losing You(1996)
Phyllis Hyman - In Between The Heartaches(2004)
Pointer Sisters - Hot Together(1986)
Pointer Sisters - Right Rhythm(1990)
Pointer Sisters - Only Sisters Can Do That(1993)
Ray Parker Jr. - Chartbusters(1984)
Ray Parker Jr. - Mother Banger(1996)
Ray Parker Jr. - I'm Free(2006)
Rose Royce - The Show Must Go On(1985)
Samuelle - Living In Black Paradise(1990)
Shock - Retroman(1994)
Slave - The Funk Strikes Back(1994)
Slave - Masters Of The Funk(1996)
Sybil - Doin' It Now!(1993)
Taana Gardner - Taana Gardner(1979)
The Chi-Lites - I Like Your Lovin?(Do You Like Mine)(1969)
The Chi-Lites - Chi-lite Time(1976)
The Chi-Lites - Happy Being Lonely(1976)
The Chi-Lites - Heart & Soul(1992)
The Chi-Lites - Inner City Blues(1996)
The Chi-Lites - Live!(1996)
The Chi-Lites - Help Wanted(1998)
The Chi-Lites - Low Key(2003)
The Controllers - My Love Is Real(1978)
The Controllers - Clear View(1997)
The Moments - Not On The Outside(1969)
The Moments - Live At The New York State Women's Prison(1971)
The Moments - Love At The Miss Black America Pageant(1971)
The Moments - On Top(1975)
The Moments Featuring Mark Greene - Unspoken Moments(2005)
The Stylistics - Live In Japan(1979)
The Stylistics - Black Satin(1979)
Tom Browne - No Longer I(1972)
Tom Browne - Another Shade Of Browne(1996)
Tyzik - Distant Dreams(1990)
Val Watson - Urbal(2004)
War - Don't Let No One Get You Down(1995)
Will To Power - Spirit Warrior(2004)